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Guest: Dr. Kelly Wawrzyniak
Links of Interest: Tufts Craniofacial Pain Center
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Saul: Welcome to episode nine of Life in the Time of Corona, a podcast exploring the many ways to stay healthy and sane in these strange times. I’m Dr. Saul Rosenthal, a developmental and clinical health psychologist.

After many weeks the day-to-day impact of the pandemic remains. Travel is limited, businesses remain closed or restricted, workers may be laid off or at home. Among those who are particularly affected are people with chronic pain and illness. Without access to ongoing treatment, conditions and lives worsen. In episode three of this podcast we talk with Dr. Katie Fleishman about chronic pain and illness in children. Today we focus on adults. According to the CDC, more than 20% of adults in the United States experience chronic pain. It costs hundreds of billions of dollars in medical care, disability and lost productivity.

Today we are joined by Dr. Kelly Wawrzyniak, a health psychologist who specializes in treating chronic pain. Currently she splits her time between private practice and the Craniofacial Pain Center at Tufts School of Dental Medicine, where she works with patients with temporomandibular joint disorders, chronic facial pain, headaches, and sleep apnea. Kelly, thanks so much for joining us today.

Kelly: Thank you for having me. This has certainly been a challenging time for so many patients and just people in my life that I talk to. I’m glad you’re doing podcast.


June 9th, 2020

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